No off the shelf Wordpress templates with a logo stuck on. A bespoke website to be proud of

Web designers in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. Producing hand crafted business websites for over 25 years

Your website is your brand identity, your company HQ, your sales pitch all in one. Get it right, and it will be your most powerful marketing tool. It's the foundation block of your whole business, so it's worth investing at the start and choosing the website functionality and web design that can support your business as it grows. At Torpedo Juice, we have been creating web designs for clients in Tunbridge Wells and globally for over 25+ years.

As a creative web design and development agency based in Tunbridge Wells, our job is to turn your bright ideas into a website design that delivers. Everything we do is bespoke. We love the challenge of turning a complex brief into a fully customised site that truly reflects your requirements and the nature of your business.

Why is it so important to be different with your web design when so many sites look the same?

Your website is often people's first impression of you. A good website design should always start with the end user's needs in mind. And if your current site doesn't give them the information they want within 5 seconds, or they don't like what they see, they will go elsewhere.

As part of our website design service, we'll advise on how best to approach the project to help you build a strong brand or raise the current one, and how to keep the content fresh to keep potential clients interested and make you more discoverable by search engines. Too many sites are clones and just pre-built off the shelf Wordpress templates with no real thought of the target audience.

All our client sites are built on the CraftCMS platform, the leading content management system that is used by companies such as Netflix, Mercedes, Nike, Ikea and Salesforce, at no extra charge. This puts you in control of your content, anytime, anywhere - it can be edited even via your mobile phone. And the best part, the CMS does not cost anything to use, unless you require multiple editors.

How much will my web design project cost?

Web design agencies based in Tunbridge Wells price websites in various ways. Some charge by the number of pages, some charge an hourly rate, others sometimes charge via a monthly subscription.

None of the above is the right or wrong way to price for a web design but we do things differently at Torpedo Juice.

Always being committed to helping you to achieve your business goals, we see your website as part of your overall marketing strategy. Therefore, we implement bespoke project-based pricing based on your requirements and overall aims, some of which, based on our 25 years plus experience in business, you might have not even thought about yet. We build solution-based websites, that are not just aesthetically heads above your competition, but also convert.

There are no hidden cost in our fees and once the project cost is agreed, we do not ask for more money the project; the fee is the fee.

A start up, just getting going? We have a package for that.

When you're first starting out, we understand you don't always have the budget for an "all bells and whistles" website, so we offer a website design starter package for local Tunbridge Wells businesses at reduced rates and can be paid in stages to help with cashflow.

These websites still have the customisation and flexibility of our user-friendly bespoke CMS (Content Management System) sites, no off the shelf templates, you get a bespoke web design.

We offer this as well as brand creation, logo design and any copywriting/marketing, all in one nice combined service for you.

The budget won't get you a new app for a social media platform, but it will give your new business a strong foundation to work from.

Designing for any device for over 15 years, before it became 'a thing'.

More than 80% of internet users own a smartphone, and most will first look at a website on their mobile device. Plus, 88% of consumers who search for a local business on a mobile will call or go to that business within 24 hours. That makes it absolutely essential to make sure your website looks great on a mobile first, and functions flawlessly on whatever device it is being viewed on, to provide your website visitors with the best experience possible.

Torpedo Juice has been designing to best practice responsive and adaptive web design methods as standard for all clients, at no additional cost, before it became a necessity.

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