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Social media and online marketing for clients in Tunbridge Wells and beyond Kent

Once your beautiful new responsive website design has been developed, you'll want to attract visitors to it. It should become the cornerstone of your social media marketing strategy, with the aim to drive traffic to your website with blog posts and other links.

Potential customers should be able to recognise and identify with your brand through all your communication channels. Using a consistent message and voice throughout helps to achieve this.

Email Marketing

We provide custom branded email marketing capability with our bespoke software, so that you can start to build up a mailing list of people who already want to hear from you. Because we have many years’ experience of writing for and marketing to different industries, our newsletter and email marketing campaigns regularly exceed the industry averages for open and click through rates by 20% or more.

Content creation for news and blogs

We’ll research and write blog and news posts for you, making sure the copy is SEO friendly and incorporating the right keywords for your brand. And just as importantly, making sure it’s interesting to your followers, so that they’ll keep visiting your site to read more. Or if you prefer to write the blog and news yourself, we can advise on best practice and edit the posts to maximise their reach.

Social Media Marketing

We can set up and manage your social media accounts for you. We’ll design an icon and cover picture to tie in with your brand, write your profile and company description in the best way to get you noticed online, then start to build up your follower lists. If you'd like us to, we will also post on your behalf, using our experience of digital marketing and already established social media presence to get your message across and attract relevant potential customers.

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