The advantage of online marketing is that it leads customers straight to your website

Online marketing, content creation and social media management for clients in Tunbridge Wells, Kent and beyond

Social media is a great way to get your website noticed, if you use it right. You may already have personal Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, but using social media for business requires a different approach.

It’s not just about telling potential customers what you sell, it’s about attracting and building a loyal customer base, via whichever online channel they prefer. And with new apps and platforms popping up all the time, you have to keep up with the trends.

For social media to work as a marketing channel requires planning and an investment of time. Content marketing is about being strategic, positioning your brand in the right way, targeting the right sort of followers, and actively engaging with them. We’ll use the most appropriate platform for your business and create the right words, images and videos to reinforce your brand message.

We're here to provide the consistency and perseverance your online marketing needs. We don’t automate your social media posts, and we never buy followers. We build up a list of interested and relevant potential customers organically, using research and experience. We’ll also write blog posts for you - SEO friendly of course - and create email marketing campaigns that get results above the industry average.

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