PR, public relations, is the art of managing how your brand is perceived and your business is received

Online and traditional PR and brand management in Kent

PR is all about making sure your business is seen by the right people, at the right time, and in the right way. It's about how you represent yourself and your brand, and how customers will remember you.

Public Relations is one part of the marketing mix. Wrongly perceived as ‘free advertising', any PR campaign must be led by a relevant news angle which has editorial credibility. There are many ways of doing this from traditional advertising in the press, on radio and TV, through to sponsorship, cross-promotions, exhibitions, contract publishing, to publicity stunts, virals and of course via website design that can deliver visitors to your online presence.

Online Public Relations to enhance and engage your brand with the right audience

In this digital age, a lot of that interaction will be online, and managing how your brand comes across on social media can be a full time job in itself. Sometimes though, you need more than online PR to really create a splash, or to reach potential customers who are not on social media.

We’ll advise on advertising campaigns and find opportunities for product placement or for you to be featured in the local press and with relevant bloggers. We’re pretty good at launch events too. We know how to get your business noticed.

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